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Nail Candi®

Pocket LED Lamp - USB Powered




Personal Pocket/MINI LED Lamp:

USB operated and smaller than a matchbox, this LED lamp is the future of Manicures. Its beautifully designed nail polish-shaped protective casing enables mobility and easy on-the-go manicures and emergency fixes. Simply throw it in you handbag and it’s there when you need it.

The convenient USB power source allows you to plug-in and paint, wherever you are. With 3W of LED power and a sixty second timer, this revolutionary new Personal Pocket LED Lamp gives you salon style manicures in a matter of seconds. No need for expensive salon treatments that damages your natural nails. Simply paint your nails with your favourite nail polish brand and colour, apply NailCandi® Candi Coat and dry for 60 seconds under the Pocket Light!

The NailCandi® Personal Pocket LED lamp saves you time, money and is highly convenient. USB Cable included

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the difference between using a UV lamp and the LED lamp?

Besides recent health reports that the light of a UV lamp can cause skin cancer, it is also proven to be very damaging to the natural nail bed. UV lamps have a general cure time of 2-3 minutes. Taking into consideration that most gel and gel polish products require 2-3 layers, excluding a top and base coat, in total curing time for a manicure can be as long as 20 minutes. Compare this to 30 seconds in the NailCandi® Personal Pocket Led lamp and the choice is obvious.

UV lamps are mostly not portable, big, bulky, electricity-sapping and certainly does not fit in your handbag, so not convenient!  Furthermore the light of a UV lamp causes discolouration and you will often see a beautiful french manicure turn yellow due to the exposure of UV rays.  

  • Does this damage your nails like acrylic or gel overlays?

NailCandi® Candi Coat Nail Art & Manicure Sealer is NOT a gel or gel polish. It cannot cause damage to the nailbed or natural nails as no buffing or filing of the nailbed is required. Simply prep and paint your nails as normal and instead of a clear topcoat seal the mani with NailCandi® CandiCoat. For best result, wipe the natural nail bed with alcohol or nail polish remover to remove any excess oil

  • How would you remove the varnish – would you use normal Acetone to remove or would you have to buy something stronger/ go have it removed professionally?

To remove is very easy, you just need to buff it off very lightly or if preferred we have a removal wipe that you wrap around the finger and wipe off the sealer, similar to how you would remove nail polish with cutex remover and cotton wool

  •  How many fingers could you cure at a time?

You could cure 2 fingers at a time, thumbs to be done separately to ensure even curing.

NailCandi Pocket LED Lamp curing a finger

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